Why I’m becoming a cyclist at the age of 41 and three quarters

On 2nd April 2016 (his 63rd birthday) my Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced prostate cancer. After only a few days of letting that news sink in, he decided to face it head on and fight! He stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, stopped eating red meats and refined sugars, ate only organic food. He swapped his traditional pedal cycle for an electric assisted mountain bike and went out and had some wonderful adventures for as long as he could.


Dad absolutely loved his bike and getting outdoors. He would ride miles and miles in a day. Often telling people later on that he used to ride 60 miles a day (something I don’t think he ever did!) and how could he get better so he could do that again.


Cancer took away so much from Dad. His freedom, his future, his ability to walk, and later his cognitive functions and dignity. But it never, ever, took his courage, spirit and bravery.

On the 22nd August 2018, he finally stopped fighting.