Crazy ride!

Today we were planning to ride the so-called “Weston loop”. But it didn’t quite go to plan! The crossing at Banwell river in Sand Bay was undergoing some significant construction work and the signposted “footpath diversion” basically just took us straight up to the top of Sand Point. Not a diversion at all, more of a […]

New peddles and shorter bars

Only 7.3 miles today to Uphill boatyard and back via the hardware store. I’ve recently fitted new (bigger) peddles, and took the electric saw to the handlebars! All sounds very drastic but makes for a much more comfortable ride. Also easier to negotiate getting the bike out the flat, and through the gates on the […]

£1000 target in sight

I can’t believe that only 3 days ago I was posting that we were up to £180 in donations and this morning when I checked, we are up to £585! That is absolutely amazing and I think that Dad would have been proud that we had got to £180, let alone £585. I am determined […]

More donations received with thanks

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, £180! We would love to raise £1000 and make this bike ride really worthwhile. All the money raised will be going to help families like ours who need the help of the John Eastwood Hospice.  Every £1 counts!  

First ride of the year!

2019… not been the best of starts for cycling practice. Although I did learn how to repair a puncture thanks to an afternoon in Chris’s garage. This week I have been mainly in pain with a new diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, but today I felt well enough to go for a ride and did 14.8 […]

Fund raising is live

Christmas is finished. Fund raising has begun! Please give as much as you can afford, even £1 will make a difference. I also need to work on the plan to improve my cycling distance and loose some weight after what feels like 3 months of indulgence

Captain’s Log

What a treat to discover that Dad had kept a small log of every ride since 2013 when he started seriously cycling. I have read every entry and smiled lots – thank you Dad for leaving this legacy. I will of course continue this with my adventures, comments and mileage record. There are many references […]